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refill and create change! soulbottles are not only saving our planet a lot of plastic, but are also produced in a fair, sustainable and climate-neutral way. Printed or engraved with unique designs by artists from all over the world, soulbottles are a wonderful companion for every day. What’s even better: every soulbottle finances our project WASH'n'soul in Zambia, that focuses on WASH, social entrepreneurship, waste management and climate protection.
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People with access to safe drinking water
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Goal (08.2027)
Actual (04.2022)
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Even in 2022, more than 2 billion people worldwide will not have continuous access to clean drinking water. That's why since soulbottles foundation in 2012 per soulbottle sold 1 Euro goes to Viva con Agua Sankt Pauli e.V. supporting WASH-projects. 10 years and more than 1.4 million soulbottles sold later, we have been able to provide clean drinking water, hygiene and sanitary facilities to over 94.000 people. Since 2021, this 1 Euro goes to our new project WASH'n'soul in Zambia with Viva con Agua and BORDA, that focuses on WASH, social entrepreneurship, waste management and climate protection.
avoided CO2-emissions
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Goal (08.2027)
Actual (04.2022)
Description of impact
In Germany more than 17,4 billion plastic bottles are consumed per year. Tap water is safe, cheap and much more sustainable. Over the entire life cycle, 1 litre bottled water causes (210.35 g CO2/litre) approx. 568 times as much CO2 compared to tap water (0,37 g CO2/litre). Since our foundation more than 1.4 milion soulbottles have been sold. Our impact measurement has shown, that people drink more sustainably with a soulbottle: They buy less bottled water and drink more tap water avoiding a lot of CO2-emissions and plastic.